Edehege (ADH) prides itself as a customer-oriented group of companies operating in Asia for over 14 years. Due to the emerging demands for higher performance products and services in the regional manufacturing and packaging industries, Edehege Adhesive Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established in the year 2000. This was followed by Edehege Film Products Co Ltd (Taipei) in Taiwan, Edehege Bond Material Co Ltd (Wuxi) in China and Edehege Products Co Ltd (Bangkok) in Thailand.

ADH is able to optimise its capabilities and distribute its expertise and resources strategically to provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services to manufacturers located in various geographical locations. As such, the ADH Group is committed to offering price competitiveness, short delivery lead time and minimised MOQ restriction to its customers with its combined economies of scale and stock distribution solutions.

Leveraging its decades of expertise in material science, adhesive and bonding technologies and domain knowledge in the converting, packaging and manufacturing industries, ADH is capable of providing both consultative and turnkey solutions such as sourcing, design, testing and production of specialised and sophisticated functional materials. In addition, ADH has progressed to help customers design and systemise converting and packaging processes, which include die-cut toolings, compact precision machineries and quality control equipment supplies.

Advancing ahead of its competitors, in 2012, ADH evolved further to develop robotic automations to further enhance the performance of assembly and quality inspection systems and processes. Based on vision-guided intelligence, the robotic systems aim to raise productivity by at least one fold and reduce down time and production mal-quality by two folds. These systems have already been deployed successfully in the mobile device manufacturing industry. By 2015, ADH will establish a new business division VRAS in Singapore to help those labour-intensive manufacturers to improve their long term profitability by relying more on robotic automations.

In 2013, ADH rolled out a new initiative to expand its automation line to support high-end digital printing. Brotech Graphics Singapore Pte Ltd was established to supply pre and post printing processing and inspection systems.

In the years ahead, ADH will continue in its commitment to enable greater innovation, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and best quality to all its customers and partners.

ADH always says “We stick to your requirements”.

Business Model